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*20 Days till Christmas!*

Haven't writtin in here a while. Umm on Wensday,Christian S and his gay ass friends were talkin mess about me and Kaila, so i had to put them in their place. I told them i was gonna kick their asses then next time i seen them. Christian made himself look like a real pansey cause he didn't come to school the next 2 days. Hahaha. ::Christian is probally sitting at home plotting how to kill us, Hes in your closet, then your sisters gonna wake up and say, Kaila why are you having sex with Christain, then your moms gonns wake up and Say somehow this is realated to Heather so is she in your closet again, Then your dads gonna wake up and say you all need some Jesus in your life so lets all go to church, and to top it all off Your gonna say, "You know what dad, I don't believe in God":: LOL Funny story. Anyway If anyones got a problem with me or Kaila Jump the hell off of us and tell it too our face in less your too Afraid ::cough, cough::Christian::Cough, cough::
21 more days till new york with Jess!!!!!
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