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Wow! 3 Hott guys in one pizza place, All in range* lol

Well.....On New Years Eve, Taylor and Missy came over and we watched Gigle and Bad Boys 2 and ate Crab Legs and Shrimp.
New Years Day.....Taylor and Missy came over again and we had dinner and watched Turminator rise of the machines, and Pirates of the C. We also played Clue.
Yesterday.....Went to like 3 different malls to do exchanges and returns. Came home and did my project. Watched some tv and then had a 102 temp. so apperently, IM SICK.
Today.....Took down the Christmas Tree and put all the Christmas stuff away. Then went to go and get some Chineese and there were like three hott guys that walked into the pizza place when i went to get my dads pizza. lol. Think im goin to the Movies tonight but not sure right now.
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