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5 more days till Christmas*

Yesterday, went shopping with JAMIE, and yes the security gaurds were lookin for me again. lol. There were some pretty hott guys in Vans. Umm came home and then went back over JAMIES and we watched Pirates of the C. It was such a great movie becasue Jonny Depp is so HOTTT!!. Went to sleep kinda late.
Today, Woke up and had a begal at JAMIES and we watched Legally Blonde. Its such a great movie. MEGAN M. called and asked if we wanted to go shopping. She came to pick us up at like 12:30. We had fun and couldn't find anything we wanted. We saw like 50 ppl were knew there. At party City we got ballons that said "Its a girl", lol. ::Grabs HEATHER'S arm and shacks it:: lol. Went to go and get pizza with Jamies mom and talked about our ememys. Came home and opened my present from my grandma and grandpa. And watched the EAGLES game.
The word Gay has now been replaced with Newton. lol
6 more days till New York*

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