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Wow someone is really gonna fall in my driveway. Way icy!!!

Got up at like 9 and helped my mommy with some stuff she had to do. We went to Blockbuster, the library, office max, shop_rite, and somewhere else. Came home and got ready to go to the mall with Courtney. We went to the Moorestown mall to look for a present for katie. She had like 50 bazillion gift cards, no really it was like 6. lol. Saw someone i don't really wanna talk about right now. Came back to Courtney's house and went in her basement and played with the Basketball thinger. 10 in a row and we can go upstairs.lol. And then we were off to dinner at Charlies's other Brother. "I cant believe you never saw The Goonies" lol, "no all she watches is Harry Potter". lol. Great convo. We got coffee after our food and we shared The Apple Crisp. Came home and got in the Shower and now on the computer.
Gotta Go to School Tomarrow. What fun.
NO Finals for me on Friday, I'll be sleepin while everyone else is at school
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