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Woke up and felt really bad, so i went back in bed till about 11:00. Woke up and ate some mac-n-cheese and then got in the shower. Went to walmart to excange a cd. I got AFI. Came home and watched tv and ate some din - din. Went to my cuzins and hung out with Renate and Jessica till about 10:30 then Renate drove me home. Burned a cd and now on the computer.

1. Copy this whole list into your journal.
2. Bold the things that you have in common with me.
3. Whatever you don't bold, replace with things about you. anything.

01. I love the beach
02. I love putting on lipgloss
03. I love Coach Bags
04. I love anything PINK, I'm such a girl.
05. I like singing in the Shower
06. I love to dance
07. I love to change, its so fun to be someone else for a while
08. I wish i had a younger sister. to do her hair, and dress her all pretty =)
09. i do whatever i can to get whatever i want. sometimes
11. hurting ppl is just part of life it doesn't bother me unless their really close to me
11. I wish my hair was perfect everyday
12. I wish i had a lot of "close close" friends
13. I am not obsessed with makeup
14. I like boys
15. I like AFI
16. I love talking on the phone
17. I like making new friends
18. I have an unhealthy obsession with the internet
19. I lie sometimes so i dont get in trouble
20. I want to get married
21. I love Orbit gum
22. I want to have pretty kids
23. My feet are tiny
24. I love New York
25. I love Everlasting gobstoppers
26. I love stuffed Animals
27. I do not like cats
28. I'm a weird person at times
29. I love shopping
30. I love going on Vacations
31. I love watching movies
32. I love to be a loud person
33. I hate throwing up
34. I love my new computer
35. I can never get to sleep at night
36. I guess i could say im obsessed with pink
37. without my cellphone i'm lost
38. i love making cookes with my mommy
39. I have a small family
40. I love chocolate
41. I went through a couple of depression stages
42. I want bigger lips
43. I love Adam Brody
44. Chad Michael Murray also
45. I love MTV
46. I hate to read books at school..but who does?
47. I want to go to Hawaii
48. I love eating at restaurants
49. I love underwear. love em'
50. Peanut butter is yummy.
51. I love Christina A.
52. I always like a lot of ppl at the same time
53. I love music in general
54. i get aggravated and frusterated verry easily
55. i love dancing in my underwear
56. I'm tired of disappointments.
57. I wish i had a twin sometimes. only sometimes.
58. I wish i had more time for everything
59. I hate noise that annoys the hell out of me
60. Friends are the best.
61. my room is a mess, i cant help it
62. I dont like it when people obsess over their "special someone" after a day or even a week.
63. I wish I had a beach house
64. I had a friend and we used to say we were like sisters but I haven't spoken to her in forever.
65. I am and can be extremely sensitive and emotional.
66. I can be loud
67. I stay up too late too much.
68. I want a friend that i know will be my friend forever and ever
69. i'm terrified of people leaving me
70. I have many purses that i dont use
71. I love shopping in New York
72. I love the book "Prozac Nation"
73. I'm online a lot.
74. I like to write, but I havent in a long time
75. I want to go to New York
76. I want to see Mona Lisa Smile.
77. I love being hugged. and kissed
78. I can be immature. when im around really really good friends
79. I wish i was a lot closer with my mommy
80. I wish my mom wouldn't presure me to tell her whats wrong all the time
81. I have little patience at times
82. I can never explain myself
83. I think I think too much about things.
84. I hate when people dont understand me, or beleive me
85. School has become a very big thing to me now that i know i need it for my future
86. I wish i was more excited about Christmas this year
87. I want to go on a road trip with the girls. and a guy..or two. orr threeee
88. I love the smell of Christmas trees
89. When im sad, i like to be in a really small room. ie: a closet
90. It freaks me out when song lyrics relate exactly to how i feel or something that happend to me. but i like it
91. I like cuddling
92. i sleep with a collection of stuffed animals at night
93. I'm a touchy feel person
94. I dont like to hate people or things
95. i can get jealous at times
96. I get attached really easily
97. I wish i didn't need a guy all the time to make me happy
98. i hate being so cold i cant warm myself up
99. I wish i were pretty like the rest of the girls
100. i want too much, that i cant always have
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